The Purpose of Pain

There’s something very fundamental about the purpose of pain that nobody seems to understand or talk about.

Because of our rationalistic, materialist mindset, we assume the purpose of pain must merely be to cause us to utilize our motor neurons in such way to mechanically fix the problem, and maybe to deter us from doing things that will cause us pain in the future (obviously because pain indicates damage, and damage can be life-threatening and hinders our ability to pass on our genes to further generations).

But this completely ignores the power of the mind over bodily processes that has been scientifically demonstrated in the past, even concerning influence on very specific areas of flesh (of course, not speaking merely of motor control and our muscles).

The main purpose of pain is actually to draw our attention to the affected area, just that. By consciously focusing on the damaged area, we impart more life energy to it and thereby speed up the healing process. Your will for the pain to diminish is probably essential to the process, because, in order for the pain to go away, the site of the pain must be healed, so willing the pain away is implicitly willing the site to be healed.

This explains why evolution would have given us the ability to feel pain in our internal organs, which we could do nothing about on a physical level before the invention of medical science, which is when virtually all of our evolution took place. That is, if we couldn’t possibly do anything to mitigate the damage, then why bother to make us feel it?

So, the next time you experience a physical pain, focus directly on it, absorb into it, instead of trying to ignore it. It’ll heal faster, and hence the pain will go away more quickly.

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