Idea #1 – More efficient air conditioning

I used to have a blog specifically for ideas. Now I’ll just post a few of them here, since it’s the blog I actually link to on social media.

Idea #1 is for a more efficient kind of A/C.

It works sort of like a rotary engine. As one piston compresses the coolant to heat it up, another piston is being pushed open by the coolant being expanded to cool it down. The energy released by one is mechanically transferred to the other for consumption.

Of course, unlike a rotary engine, this “engine” would consume energy instead of producing it, being powered by a motor, but it might consume less than a traditional air conditioner.

Maybe due to this efficient design, you can even compress and decompress the air directly, instead of indirectly using a coolant, with no loss of efficiency. I’m not sure about that because I don’t know the physics of air conditioners well enough.

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